Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday Morning Drive

That was a hazy Sunday morning. I wake-up quarter to 5AM to bike my way going to Angono, Rizal for the Higantes Festival. 5:20 AM I left home and started to hit C6 road .The wind was cold and many insect still roaming on my way some of them manage to enter my mouth yakkk :).

"Just borrowed the bike of my son."

When I approach the Greenwoods Village the rain starts to shower, that prompts me to stop. Then after 20 minutes of hang-up I decided to go. But not that far across the flood way bridge the bikes pedal on my left stuck-up and damage .I was just lucky that the damage is not worst than what I expected just do some little thing to fix and there I go grinding again.

Five minutes before 7:00AM I reached Angono municipal Hall to experience live the renowned Higates Festival .

Courtesy of a friend "Bok"

Pokemon Collection

There are 490 pieces of pokemon characters overall only 119 to date I've collected.There they are below.

The letter below let me collect them all.


What an effort, he does it again and again. I just love to collect his works.